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The No-Spin Doctor:
Revealer of media truth that hides in plain sight
Mark Mathis is that rare speaker who leads you to the obvious-and then shows you powerful truth that you somehow overlooked. When he speaks, you find yourself in the midst of an amazing treasure hunt-inside your own brain. Mathis demonstrates that most of what you need to know about attracting great publicity, delivering excellent quotes, or managing a media crisis you already know. You just have to learn to put it to work in a systematic way to attack any publicity project or problem. Mark challenges your intellect, but does it in a fun and lively setting. One minute you’re engaged in high-level thinking and the next you’re laughing at your own naïve assumptions. His ideas, philosophies, and communication skills will make you think about familiar concepts in a new way. With Mark’s method you’ll actually increase your media knowledge while decreasing mental clutter. It’s a liberating experience.

The Mathis Story
For more than two decades Mark Mathis has studied the media, been the media, and seduced the media. Through it all he discovered something amazing: The massive amount of press knowledge he acquired over the years led him back to a few simple truths that can turn anyone into a media master.
It’s not the depth of Mark’s media experience that makes his training so powerful. Nor is it the tremendous success he has had in consulting with Fortune 500 companies, government officials, and professional athletes. Ironically, all his years of being a member of the press and a media consultant proved to be as much an obstacle as an asset as he focused his energies on becoming a media trainer. That’s because his vast knowledge and experience allowed him to approach any media problem or opportunity with an uncanny, intuitive understanding of what needed to be done. As Mark quickly discovered, there is no way to teach experience and intuition. That realization prompted him to approach the subject from an entirely new direction-one based on a straightforward, systematic process.
By analyzing the behavior of journalists, Mark pinpointed consistent handicaps and motivations across all media. From there he identified a set of rules that anyone can follow in the quest for more and better media exposure. The power of Mark’s training is not based on a mountain of information that you must climb, but in a manageable method that bypasses confusing misconceptions and unnecessary minutiae.

History & Credentials
Mathis Media was formed in February 1994. Prior to that time, Mark worked as a TV news reporter and anchor at five stations in four markets. He traveled from the California coast to historic Charleston, South Carolina to the lights of Las Vegas to the high desert of New Mexico. Since leaving the news business, Mathis has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government agencies, universities, collegiate and professional athletes, non-profit organizations, politicians, and office holders from state government to the U.S. Congress. Mark is a frequent newspaper contributor on media issues, an occasional talk-radio guest and even hosted his own show on 50,000-watt KKOB AM.
While Mathis continues to provide consulting services to a select number of clients, he now spends most of his time speaking to audiences that want to learn his practical system for consistently getting great media exposure.
Sampling of Clients
American Anthropological Assn.
Intel Corporation
Intimate Brands Inc.
Intuit Inc.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Nations Bank (now Bank of America)
Sprint PCS
TriCore Reference Labs
Victoria’s Secret Catalogue
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Justice

Any good speaker can-and should-fire up an audience. However, the true test of a speaker’s value cannot be measured only by applause, but also by what those who attend do with what they learn. Hear what people say about Mark’s programs after they’ve heard him speak and after they’ve put his training to the test.
"I've been using Mark's Media Rules for years and the results speak for themselves-excellent coverage in major newspapers, magazines, television news, and the Internet. Now reporters call me because they know I will give them what they need when they need it. I owe all our success to following the Media Rules."
Steve McKee, President, McKee/Wallwork/Henderson advertising

“We offered Mark Mathis’s media training course for the first time in 2001 and our members loved it! Their only complaint was that they wanted more. So we’re bringing him back this year and feel confident the rave reviews will follow!”
Ghita Levine, Director of Communications, American Anthropological Association
"The Media Training Rules that Mark teaches simplify a very difficult topic and prepare everyone, including professional athletes, to confidently interact with the media."
Mark Freeland, NB3 Inc., Professional Athlete Agent
"Before the Media Rules, I was constantly being eaten by the Beast, then raging about being misquoted and treated shabbily. Now that the Rules have become second nature to me, the Beast is my friend and helps to get the message out my way."
David Campbell, Vogel, Campbell, Blueher, & Castle P.C.
“Mark’s program is very well done. His systematic approach is easy to learn, apply, and remember.”
Barbara Little, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
“Mark’s Media Rules system is excellent. The role-playing exercise is an eye-opener. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to deal with the press.”
Don Power, CEO, Jaynes Corporation
“Mark is a rare talent, very knowledgeable, experienced, engaging and charming. I wish I had taken his course years ago.”
Vic Chavez, CEO Chavez, Grieves Consulting Engineering
“The interactivity of the training and the mock interviews are terrific.”
Monica Schoch-Spana, Center for Civilian Bio-Warfare
“Mark’s inside track will help steer our company’s new project to the right people through the press. Great job, Mark!”
Luciano Maes, Marketing Manager, Summit Electric
“As I was about to climb Mt. Everest I actually feared the media more than the mountain. But Mark’s expert training enabled me to confidently work with reporters in getting my message out. I couldn’t be more pleased with the coverage I got in People magazine, on TV, radio, the Internet, and in many major newspapers.”
Kim Gattone, Mountaineer
“Mark Mathis clearly shows you that the media is not your enemy, but a misunderstood beast that can be tamed.”
Terri Stewart, CAO, TriCore Reference Laboratories
“Mark Mathis cuts to the heart of the Media Beast with astonishing clarity, speed, and power.”
Dawn Chatty, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University
“Mark’s Media Rules conference was “right on track” for Santa Fe Southern Railway and I can’t wait to share some of the principles with my coworkers and our board. Thanks for a whole new understanding of how to effectively work with the media.”
Carol Raymond, Marketing Director Santa Fe Southern Railway

“Mark is the voice of experience who helps you deal with reporters on their terms, but to your advantage.”
Ed Liebow, Environmental Health & Social Policy Center
“Mark’s phenomenal creative abilities poised with his extensive knowledge of the field make him an unbeatable expert and tops in my book.”
Zizi Terrasas, Regional Manager, Loewen Group
“Getting a feature story on the number one rated TV station in town and now landing on the front page of the paper (Sunday edition in color!) has got my superiors convinced that your program is very powerful.”
Kevin Chadwell, Marketing Specialist, Presbyterian Healthcare
“Mark’s training gave me a roadmap to publicity success. Before his conference I didn’t have a clue that there even was a road, let alone how to get on it.”
Mary Golden, CEO, Workspace Dynamics

“Fast paced, thought provoking, highly practical, and fun.”
Marta Rohatynskyj, Ph.D. University of Guelph, Ontario Canada
“I always knew the media was a “beast” and I was frightened of it. But then I had the good fortune of going through Mark’s training and the results have been phenomenal. We’re getting the best press we’ve ever gotten and our messages are sticking.”
Terry Huertaz, Mothers Against Drunk Driving
“Mark is so dynamic and motivating! My attention didn’t flag at all. Mark superbly fielded resistant comments from this press-leery audience.”
Kathryn Oths, Ph.D., University of Alabama
“In the months since I learned the Media Rules I have scored several positive publicity hits. The big one came last week, a large, color photo on the front page! That publicity hit alone is doing wonders for my political career. All I can say is, the Media Rules work, they REALLY work!
Joe Mohorovic, NM State Legislator

“Anyone who wants to reach a mass audience needs to know this stuff. Mark’s program is comprehensive, clear, and inspiring.”
Hendrick Serrie, International Business Expert
“This is the best media course I have attended in 22 years of PR work! Great job, Mark!!”
Nelson Miller, New Mexico Military Institute
“I came expecting a graham cracker of a workshop and got the hot fudge brownie sundae of media understanding.”
Carol Owensby, Educator
“Mark is a dynamic speaker with a dynamite program who instantly connects with his audience.”
Kathy McGee, Century Bank
“I am extremely impressed with Mark Mathis. His course is fascinating, highly useful and lots of fun.”
Karyn Scott, Public Affairs Director, Philips Laboratories
“Great stuff! Mark “structuralized my intuition.”
Jerry Pacheco, Santa Teresa Real Estate Development
“Practical, focused, incredibly enlightening, and very helpful.”
Jack Brant, Rodey Law Firm
“Mark brings the seemingly secret world of the media into complete focus. His presentation style is so engaging and approachable.”
Lisa Stephenson, Lovelace Health Systems
“I now know that I have been driving blind. The Media Rules are an epiphany.”
George Marquez, Public Relations Specialist

Success Stories
The beauty of Mark’s systematic approach to getting great press is that anyone can use it and be successful. The Media Rules work for the large and the small, business and government, non-profit groups, and political organizations. Individual success stories number in the thousands. And, by the way, Mark practices what he teaches.
Mark Leads By Example
The “505” Crusade
In 2001 Mark and two other businessmen used the Media Rules to save their state an estimated $50 million-no kidding. New Mexico’s public regulation commission (NMPRC) announced it was going to add a new area code to the existing telephone prefix, 505. Astonishingly, the NMPRC voted to change the code in the state’s most populous region (the core of business, industry, and government) while allowing primarily rural areas to keep 505. Mark and his partners were not about to allow the politically motivated-and fiscally irresponsible-decision to stand. They formed the “505 Coalition” and used the news media to apply enormous pressure on NMPRC members. Long story short-the 505 Coalition stopped the decision, and now it appears that through number conservation measures a new area code won’t be needed for many years. The Media Rules reversed a foregone conclusion, turned the issue into the biggest state story of 2001, and saved a lot of people from paying an unnecessary bill.

Mercy after the Terror
In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Bible teacher and author Lenya Heitzig prayed for a way to help ease the pain. The inspired answer was to produce “Mercy Bands”-a silver bracelet remembrance for those who died on 9/11. The idea was to have people purchase bands bearing the name of a single victim. The wearer of the band would then pray for that person’s family-in most cases someone they had never met. Mark guided Lenya through the publicity process using the Media Rules. Mercy BAND was featured on ABC’s “Nightline” and on CNN. Many major metropolitan newspapers picked up the story, including the Washington Times, the Dallas Morning News, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, New Jersey’s Star Ledger, and the Minneapolis Star. Many more news web sites jumped on the story, including that of the New York Times and MSNBC. Lenya also did a large number of radio interviews. More than 40,000 people purchased Mercy Bands.

Intel-igent Press
Intel Corporation had a problem. It wanted to reinvest 8 billion dollars into one of its computer chip manufacturing sites, but it couldn’t swing the deal without an industrial revenue bond. (An IRB reduces tax liability.) Activist groups called the deal corporate welfare and demanded that Intel pay all taxes. Mark worked with Intel officials on a media plan that created momentum for the project. The complex IRB program was greatly simplified so reporters-and therefore the community-could see that the relatively small tax break on such a huge investment was a great deal. With the strength of positive press coverage the largest IRB in world history passed unanimously. To sweeten the deal, Intel agreed to build the city of Rio Rancho, NM a new high school, and the community got an additional 2,000 high-paying jobs.

No Secret About It
When Victoria’s Secret Catalogue was about to open up a new call center it needed excellent press in order to attract lots of job applicants. VSC hired Mark to get the job done. In one day he used his media savvy to get the lingerie giant so much coverage on TV, radio, and in print that Victoria’s Catalogue was anything but a secret in this new market. More than 3,000 people applied for VSC’s 400 jobs.
Conference Attendees Put Mark’s Programs to Work
The success stories of people who have put Mark’s method to work are too numerous to count. Listed below are a just a handful that span a wide range of media needs.

Congressional Success
Political newcomer Heather Wilson found herself in a dogfight as she tried to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Five days before the election Wilson was about to debate her opponent live on television for the second time. The first debate had gone badly and polls showed she had lost ground. After 90-minutes of one-on-one coaching with Mark, Wilson confidently bested her challenger and turned the dead-heat race into a four-point victory. Nice job, congresswoman.

Small Business, Big Time Coverage
Andres Gallegos has wanted national press exposure for his Z-coil shoes-an innovative product that helps relieve leg and back pain with the help of a large spring in the heel. After attending a Media Rules session, Andres landed coverage on CNNfn, among other media outlets.

A Classic Before and After
Managers at Specialty Mortgage were very unhappy after a financial industry trade journal published an article on the company. The story was riddled with inaccuracies. After the company’s office manager attended one of Mark’s media training sessions she landed a second story in a competing magazine. She followed the Media Rules and was thrilled with the accurate, positive coverage.

Eyes Open to Opportunities
Economic Developer Mark Lautman wanted regional press coverage to create wider awareness for an industrial park he was building on the U.S.-Mexico border. After a short review of materials he received at one of Mark Mathis’s conferences he made put some information together and made a few phone calls. A week later his story appeared in the

Dallas Morning News.
Not for Profit, but a Need for Press
El Rancho de Los Niños is a small, non-profit that enables orphaned and abandoned children to grow up together. When the group built its first home with the help of corporate donors the organization wanted some press coverage to reward the contributors and to spark community awareness for future donations. The manager of Los Niños attended one of Mark’s training sessions and within a few months won a front-page, Sunday edition newspaper story.

The Mathis Difference
While others attempt to cram information into your head, Mark simply draws out what’s already there and gives it a practical, workable structure that helps you remember and apply it. This is the critical difference that elevates Mark’s training above all the rest. It’s extremely difficult to learn a lot of new information in a short period of time. And it’s virtually impossible to keep that knowledge in your head if it’s not structured. How many times have you “learned” valuable information from a speaker only to wonder weeks later where all your newfound wisdom has gone? It seemed great at the time, but somehow the power leaked away.

Publicity Simplified
All of Mark’s programs are based on the Media Rules™ methodology. When Mark addresses your group, every tool, example, illustration, and technique is connected to the same simple set of Rules. This is the power of his structured approach-each piece of his instruction is intertwined and reinforced by every other piece. While other media experts dispense their wisdom in scattered bits and pieces that will quickly fade away, Mark weaves a tapestry of practical knowledge that you can put to use in the next days, weeks, and years to come.

Mathis Media Services
Mark is a communications coach. His specialty is assisting clients and conference attendees in the craft of high-octane, targeted message delivery. No matter the program or the venue, it’s always a systematic process, which is the key to being successful time and time again. “Practical, Memorable, Doable” is Mark’s philosophic foundation. He clears a wide path toward your communications success, making it as smooth and easy as possible, but ultimately you will be the one who gets the job done.

Communications Trainer
No matter what category your group falls into, Mark has a program that can be tailored to your publicity needs. Because it’s more effective for people to learn from real-world examples from their specific industries, Mark maintains an extensive file of media clips that cover virtually every profession. That means businesses go to school on other businesses, legal groups get law examples, educators learn from the successes and failures of other teachers, etc.
Conference Training/Speaking
Mark’s specialty is his core “Media Rules” training that is offered in half-day, full-day and two-day sessions. He also delivers breakout workshops in 60-minute to two-hour time frames. Below is a sampling of topics covered in Mark’s presentations:

    • The reporter would call, if she knew your number
    • Why you’ve been overlooking the most powerful marketing on the planet
    • You’ll sound brilliant-even if you’re not
    • So that’s how an interview is supposed to be done
    • How could good press be this Easy?
    • “Stab me in the chest, Mr. Reporter,” you said, without knowing it
    • The 5 media mistakes everybody makes
    • Warning: Your “press savvy” is your worst enemy
    • Reporter judo-How to turn the Beast’s weaknesses to your advantage
    • Why reporters eat government folks for breakfast-and how to stop it
    • Learn optometry-because every editor is near-sighted

No matter how practical and user-friendly the material, it’s always comforting to have the master hold your hand-at least in the beginning. Mark does not run a public relations company. He will not take on your publicity projects by himself. What he will do is stand alongside your group and help your team locate and execute publicity opportunities. Mark will guide you through sticky situations. He will teach you a simple method for crafting soundbites and quotes that reporters can’t resist. While other PR professionals and media experts like to make you dependent on their skills, Mark does just the opposite. After a short time with Mark you won’t need him-or any other “media guru.”
Speech Training
It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to reach an audience through the media or from behind a podium; the core communication skills are the same. In Mark’s speech training sessions he shows his clients how to deal with the irrational fear of public speaking by following a small number of rules. Once the public speaking is simplified to a Practical, Memorable, and Doable system, clients find a pool of confidence that they never knew existed. In his many years of service, Mark has worked with CEOs, state and federal politicians, officials from various organizations, and athletes currently in the NBA, NFL, and LPGA.

Mathis Media Products
After many years of conference attendees asking for more of what Mark teaches, he decided to put it all down on paper. Feeding the Media Beast uses the same Practical, Memorable, and Doable structure as Mark's programs. Each chapter contains dozens of real-world examples that illustrate his simple concepts. National experts in marketing and media have praised the book as a must-read for anyone who deals with the press (or wants to). Media analysts applaud its candor, readability, and clarity.
Jack Trout, considered to be the greatest marketing mind of our time, calls Feeding the Media Beast “the best book on PR I’ve ever read.” Trout is an author of eight of the world’s best-selling marketing books, among them Positioning; Big Brands, Big Trouble; and the book widely know as “the marketing bible”—The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Trout describes Mark’s book as, “Simple, direct, and loaded with easy to read truths about handling the Media Beast. A must read for staying out of trouble.”
Any political player in Washington worth his or her salt is familiar with the work of Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center. The MRC is a watchdog group that exposes media bias. Mr. Bozell, who is a frequent newsmaker himself, knows how dangerous it can be for the unskilled to feed the beast. “I’ve seen entire careers made or broken by one appearance on national television. The secret to success in public policy is not just publicity but effective publicity. You can spend $100,000 hiring consultants to teach this to you. Or you can read Mark Mathis’s Feeding the Media Beast.”
Author and nationally syndicated columnist Dale Dauten says, “This book embodies what Mathis teaches: it’s lively, fast, useful, and personal. As someone on the receiving end of many publicity efforts, I wish that anyone contacting me would read Mark’s book first.”
Former Capitol Hill correspondent and longtime Dallas news anchor John Criswell speaks of the book’s practical and powerful application. “In my 38 years as an anchor, reporter and manager, I have never read anything that literally takes readers by the hand, and walks them successfully through the rules of the powerful marketing forces of television—that is, until Feeding the Media Beast.”